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Paternity situations arise when a child is born and the mother and father are not married. An action in paternity is simply the legal process used to show who is the father of a child. The easiest way for paternity to be established is for the mother and father to sign an Acknowledgment of Paternity form.


Issues often arise when a child is born to unwed parents and the parents are no longer together. When situations like this occur, it is important for the father to seek to establish paternity, custody and visitation rights because without doing so only the mother has legal custody of the child.


If the identity of the father is unknown or in question, a DNA must first be done to help determine who the father is. Information on the DNA testing process can be found here.


The Oklahoma Department of Human Services can establish paternity and enter a child support order, however, only the courts can establish rights of custody and visitation. If you are facing a situation where child support has been ordered against you and you would like to establish custody and visitation rights, please contact our office to set up a free initial consultation and we can begin the process of establishing your rights.

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“My grandfather had married a woman and several months after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. After the diagnoses, she filed for divorce and believed she was entitled to my grandfather’s savings and benefits. Mr. Buckley represented him in the divorce and made sure my grandfather’s finances were safe and secure. Mr. Buckley did an amazing job, she received nothing and my grandfather’s savings are being used for his medical care. Mr. Buckley’s rates were very reasonable and he remained in contact with the family, letting us know exactly what was happening in the case and how he was handling matters. Thank you, Mr. Buckley!”

Shawndra T.

“I will always appreciate the type of person who can do a great job while also cutting through the red tape and making things seem simple to me. There were times that I doubted Mr. Buckley because he seemed so confident and I was terrified. But things worked out exactly the way that he said they would and I’ve never felt better represented.”

Christopher M.