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Juvenile deprived proceedings are cases that involve minor children who are allegedly abused or neglected.


If you have been accused of child neglect or child abuse in Oklahoma, you are facing the possibility of criminal charges being filed against you as well as potential loss of your parental rights. These cases can be extremely complicated and require careful reading of the relevant laws and a deep understanding of the court system.


Once someone reports child abuse or neglect, the Department of Human Services (otherwise known as the DHS) has a duty to investigate the allegations in that report. DHS has a limited time to complete the investigation and turn over the findings and conclusions to law enforcement.


If you are facing criminal charges for the alleged abuse or neglect of your child/children, any statements you make to DHS or law enforcement can have a serious impact on your criminal case. If you have not been criminally charged yet, any statements you make during the investigation can lead to criminal charges being filed against you.


Working with DHS can be overwhelming and confusing for you and your children. Having someone to walk you through the process can be instrumental in finding the best possible outcome. Reach out to us and we’ll help you make things right.

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Christopher M.