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When you hear someone refer to custody, they are talking about the amount of time one parent has with the minor children. But custody also refers to the legal relationship a parent has with their children and it can affect the decisions that parent is allowed to make regarding their children.


There are two types of custody, joint and sole.


Joint custody is where the parties are able to work together in the best interests of the children. Joint custody requires parents to communicate, cooperate and make decisions together on all significant matters concerning minor children, such as education, health care, and religious training.


Sole custody is often times awarded when one parent is unable to act in the best interests of the children or where the parents are unable to cooperate regarding the best interests of the children. Sole custody allows for one parent to make all those decisions independent of the other parent.


Generally speaking, visitation is the amount of time a parent will have with the minor children. It is possible for only one party to have “visitation”, but in general, think of custody as being the legal relationship between the parents and the children and visitation as the amount of time a parent has with the children.

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“My grandfather had married a woman and several months after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. After the diagnoses, she filed for divorce and believed she was entitled to my grandfather’s savings and benefits. Mr. Buckley represented him in the divorce and made sure my grandfather’s finances were safe and secure. Mr. Buckley did an amazing job, she received nothing and my grandfather’s savings are being used for his medical care. Mr. Buckley’s rates were very reasonable and he remained in contact with the family, letting us know exactly what was happening in the case and how he was handling matters. Thank you, Mr. Buckley!”

Shawndra T.

“I will always appreciate the type of person who can do a great job while also cutting through the red tape and making things seem simple to me. There were times that I doubted Mr. Buckley because he seemed so confident and I was terrified. But things worked out exactly the way that he said they would and I’ve never felt better represented.”

Christopher M.